Beautiful Place to Visit in Finland to Break From Everyday Life

When you dream of a small break-up between the two, a romantic weekend in Finland is a great idea. These are a beautiful place to visit in Finland. Pick up tips for a romantic weekend in Finland.

When you want a little extra time out of everyday life. You don’t always have to go behind the seas for a vacation. A romantic weekend holiday in Finland can be together full of feeling, relaxation, and discovering something new. Our beautiful and fascinating homeland offers so many things to do that almost only the imagination is the limit when planning a romantic holiday for two in Finland.

Helsinki Beautiful Place to Visit in Finland

Relax by nature in the soft steams of the beach sauna. Take a dip for a naked swim in the mirrored lake. Discover the sheltered islands and islets, and admire the magnificent sunsets from the sea. Get lost in the wooden house blocks and cute cafes of small towns where time seems to have stopped. Enjoy a leisurely lunch, and start a romantic dinner with drinks high above the city rooftops.

Beautiful Place to Visit in Finland

A romantic weekend in Finland: ideas for a Beautiful break from everyday life

Below you will find our suggestions on which city to head to for a two-way weekend. And what to do there as well as where to stay. Use our tips to plan the perfect romantic weekend in Finland!

Helsinki Finland

Helsinki – Romantic Weekend in Finland

Helsinki is one of a beautiful place to visit in Finland. You will get offers plenty of options when planning a romantic weekend for two. Pack a picnic basket and find a peaceful hideaway on Helsinki”s many islands. Also, test Helsinki’s diverse food scene with a subtle feel or a more relaxed approach, utilizing the food of restaurants, block restaurants, or even Restaurant Day.

The sunsets are magical in Helsinki. It is painful to watch the orange-coloured sky even on Tähtitorninmäki to Kaivopuisto. In the evening, you can climb over the rooftops of Helsinki for a drink. Even at the Forum G Lounge Skybar or the atelier bar of the legendary Hotel Tower. Why not step on a Ferris wheel at sunset in Katajanokka next to the Market Square? Enjoy the scenery of maritime Helsinki with a glass of bubbling in your hand.

Even in winter, the tricks of the city do not run out. Explore Helsinki’s diverse cultural offerings by visiting the National Opera or the National Theater or by inspecting museums and galleries’ offerings. Throughout summer and winter, the winter garden is a perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Hotel Recommendation for Helsinki

Our hotel recommendation for Helsinki is charming and romantic. HotelSeurahuone, whose Countess and Jaarli suites are like made for a romantic weekend. The suites have whirlpool baths, bathrobes, and slippers, as well as a bottle of bubbly and plush double beds – what else is needed? Book rooms directly from the hotel.

Check out the charming and romantic boutique hotel Helsinki Rivoli Jardin in Kaartinkaupungi. Whose unique (and the only) suite offers a private jacuzzi and sauna as great views over Helsinki city centre.

When you have a romantic weekend in Helsinki and want more inspiration.

Turku : Beautiful Place to Visit in Finland

Turku Finland

Turku and its surrounding areas exude an atmosphere from all angles. Lush gardens, ships bordering the Aura River as a pearl, beautiful old architecture, and a unique archipelago of 200,000 islands and islets with romantic lace villas make Turku an unbeatable destination for a romantic weekend in Finland.

There is no shortage of recharging in the summer evening when you even hop aboard the nostalgic Ukkopekka steamship. And take a dinner cruise with archipelago delicacies to Loistokari Island. If the boat trip does not yet get you in the right mood? You can take tours of the legendary pier dances on the island of Loistokari. Where the atmosphere is guaranteed to be intense.

If the weather does not allow an archipelago cruise. You should book a table for two at Restaurant Kaskis or one of the riverside atmospheric restaurants. Such as the famous wine restaurant Tintå, Smör, which serves excellent and tasty dinner.The hidden Mami, the freshly bubbling Gustavo, or the legendary Pinella. When you and your heart cone are hungry, head to the riverbank, and you will not be disappointed.

Turku is bursting with culture. So it’s easy to choose a theatre or music performance or an exciting gallery for a romantic weekend.

Also, explore the neighbouring town of Naantali. stroll through the lovely alleys of its old city. forget the atmosphere of the atmospheric monasteries and churches. and breathe in the shade of the delicate gardens of Kultaranta. Or build a beautiful and historically important island of Ruisalo in front of Turku to admire the elaborate lace villas on the seaside boulevard.

Hotel in Turku

Majoitussuosituksemme Kasnäs Spa Hotel is located slightly outside Turku, on Kemiönsaari, which belongs to the Turku archipelago. Guests at the spa hotel can stay in their own seashell-shaped archipelago cottages, all with sea views. The beach sauna is warm here all year round, and when the archipelago is quieter in winter. The Kasnäs spa hotel offers a particularly peaceful getaway for a romantic weekend!

Tampere : Beautiful Place to Visit in Finland

Tampare Beautiful Place to Visit in Finland

Relaxed rugged Tampere offers a cozy setting for a romantic weekend. The compact center is easy to take in with vintage boutiques, markets, and cozy artisan shops, and the personal pubs and clubs of the suburbs are just a short walk away. For example, Tammela’s little Huurupiilo, known for its diverse live gigs, offers an intimate club night.

Tampere is also known for its old public saunas, many of which are located by the lake. Try the Rauhanniemi Folk Spa in the Lapinniemi district, where you can take a dip directly to Näsijärvi after the steams. The experience is guaranteed to pamper your senses and relax both body and mind! Mixed saunas also make the experience fun for couples.

An atmospheric dinner can be enjoyed in the brewery restaurant in Plevna, which is located in the old weaving hall of Finlayson. In addition to tasty local beers, you can enjoy a fun atmosphere in a historic beer cellar-like setting.

Tampere’s lovely wooden house environments are also worth a visit. Head for an uncomplicated dinner, even to the rural district of Nekala, to the Wanha Tappi restaurant. Which is said to be the best burger in town or to Sunday brunch. To the charming Café Pispala, which offers beautiful views of Pispala Harju. In the Waffle Café on the edge of Tammerpuisto, you can enjoy perhaps Tampere’s most romantic coffees in the city’s smallest stone house.

Hotel in Tampere

When looking for a romantic hotel night for two in Tampere, our accommodation recommendation is Hotel Ilves. Their high-quality Presidential Suite and intimate Junior Suites include bathrooms with whirlpool tubs and award-winning Ilves Spa with saunas.

Porvoo : Beautiful Place to Visit in Finland

Porvoo Beautiful Place to Visit in Finland

Porvoo is one of the most atmospheric cities in Finland. This is a Beautiful Place to Visit in Finland to Break From Everyday Life. It offers a great mini-holiday—a stone’s throw from Helsinki when a romantic weekend in Finland is planned.

Old Porvoo is known for its labyrinthine cobbled streets with cute boutiques, with lovely sheltered gardens between the medieval blocks. On top of a hill in the heart of the old town, there is the charming Porvoo Cathedral, which offers not only an atmospheric place to visit but also great views over the city.

Visit the JL Runeberg Home Museum, enjoy lunch in the shade of the apple trees at Fredrikan Lähde Restaurant. Continue the afternoon, exploring Porvoo’s unique archipelago. Even at the Hörbergsgården Archipelago Museum or on an atmospheric archipelago cruise if you have enough time. Head to the summer market on the picturesque island of Pelling, or the 150-year-old Söderskär Lighthouse in the outer archipelago of Porvoo.

If you visit the city under Christmas, Porvoo is full of atmosphere as the city tunes in for the Christmas season with its beautiful Christmas lights and fragrant Christmas markets. Take a stroll and admire the shimmering Christmas decorations in between the hot mulled wine.

There is especially magic in Porvoo when the evening comes. You can arouse your appetite by sitting down to a drink on one of the iconic beach fences by the river. Try the acclaimed tapas of the Eloisa restaurant next to the town hall, which will surely take your tongue away. You are sure to find the right kind of dinner place among the many atmospheric restaurants in Porvoo.

Where to Stay in Porvoo

A romantic weekend in Porvoo is, of course, crowned by an overnight stay in a historically beautiful At Haikon Manor. Whose refurbished spa hotel can even be booked with a suite with jacuzzi. And a range of spa facilities includes a beautiful private pampering session for two. If you want a more experiential stay, Villa Mandala‘s wellness retreat in Loviisa (approx. 30 minutes from Porvoo) is also worth a visit!



Savonlinna is one of the Beautiful Place to Visit in Finland. This place fascinates with its historical atmosphere and the countless activities in the Lake District. Which also offers excellent things for a romantic weekend. A dinner cruise in the Savonlinna archipelago, a journey in the midnight sun in Kolovesi National Park, or a romantic A visit to Savonlinna Market Square is also a must watch the steamships flying. You can enjoy delicious market coffee and admire the pulsating local market life.

The Savonlinna Opera Festival offers an impressive performance set in honor of Finland’s anniversary.

It also creates a unique setting for a romantic weekend. The medieval and well-lit Olavinlinna milieu, moonlit summer night, and impressive hair-raising music are sure to offer degrees more impressive.

Also, explore the centre of old Savonlinna on Linnankatu. In winter, the city is quieter than in the summer season. But still offers exciting things to see, especially in the field of culture.

Where to Stay in Savonlinna

Our accommodation recommendation for Savonlinna is Lossiranta Lodge. A personal boutique hotel is renovated in an old service building. It is located in stunning scenery on Lake Saimaa’s shores, near Olavinlinna. When looking for intimate accommodation for two, choose the Sauna Room with Jacuzzi and wood-heated sauna. This will a romantic night for two is guaranteed!

Also, check out the 40-minute drive Hotel & Spa Resort Lake Heart. In Rantasalmi: here you can choose from suites with jacuzzis and saunas as well as lakeside villas. The hotel’s new rock-excavated Järvikylpyl also offers beautiful pampering treatments for couples.


Mikkeli Finland

Located on Lake Saimaa’s shores, Mikkeli serves the delicately beautiful atmosphere of Lake Balaton and is a great choice when you want a romantic weekend for two. Besides enjoying the breathtakingly beautiful nature here, the Mikkeli region offers entertaining two central times through many other elements; the atmospheric old churches, local museums, summer theatres, mansion hotels, and stage dances complement the romantic weekend program.

Enjoy the day while at the famous Radio Mill Summer Theater and breathe in the mill café amidst lush nature. Explore one of Finland’s most significant rock paintings on Astuvansalmi on the shores of Yövesi.

Hotels in Mikkeli

Our accommodation recommendation for Mikkeli is Hotel Anttolanhovi, which includes a beautiful spa, i.e., suitable for pampering in all seasons. Located in the middle of the most beautiful Lake Finland, the high-quality Anttolanhovi pampers guests not only with its scenery and the South Savo delicacies of the Lake District but also with a wide range of pampering and spa treatments. Even choose your lakeside villa when you want to invest in privacy during a romantic weekend. Anttolanhovi’s specialities also include an atmospheric smoke sauna that is lovely to take a dip directly in Lake Saimaa. Also, look at only five rooms, Terri Manor. When you want to stay within the framework of Maalaisromanttisissa, delicious local food with relish.

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