Holi 2019: Celebrating Holi Festival in Nepal

The Ultimate Secret Of celebrating Holi Festival in Nepal, Happy Holi 2019

Holi 2019: The Festival of Holi is celebrated for eight days in the spring seasons, starting from Asthami to Purnima (full moon day) of Falgun every year. On the eighth day of Falgun Shukla Pakshya, a tree or an umbrella-shaped house is prepared from the dried pieces of wood, straw, and bamboo. Small pieces of colorful clothes are hanged on all sides for decoration. This house is called ‘Chir’.

In the evening, the ‘CHIR‘ is set on fire. Everyone surrounds the ‘chir’ and gets the warmth of the fire. Also, they rejoice together by putting a red color to one another. Playing with colored powder continues for eight days. But the main day to play with the color is the Falgun Purnima which is declared a holiday in our country. On this day, the chir is immersed in the nearby river and the festival is over.

This seasonal festival of the spring season signifies happiness, merriment, and freedom from the worries of life. Men, women, old, young, boys, and girls-all play with color; sing, dance and rejoice together. There is no discrimination between rich and poor, high and low caste, old and young ones.

Holi 2019: How do People Celebrate Holi Festival in Nepal

People in the terai celebrate it for eight days. They play with colors, prepare a special drink with milk, sugar and the seeds of ‘bhang’ which is intoxicated. They drink it, offer it to others and enjoy together. In the hill area, only on the day of Purnima, people play with colors. In northern India, there is a practice of writing satirical articles, posters, and cartoons against some important people like we do in the Gaijatra festival.

The eastern Indian state of Manipur, there has a special dance called ‘Thabal Chongba’ which is performed in this festival for a month. Thabal Chongaba means dancing in the full moon. Boys and girls catch one another’s hands and jump along with the rhythm of musical instruments in a round circle throughout the night. This is an opportunity for them to choose their life partner as well.

Holi Celebration Nepal and India 2019

There is a story in ‘Bishnu Puran’ about how this festival was started. A demon king, Hirannya Kashipu had a son called Prahlad. Prahlad was a devotee of Lord Bishnu. Hirannya Kashipu hated Lord Bishnu. He didn’t want that his own son should worship Bishnu. So, he warned his son not to think of Bishnu.

Prahlad was a true devotee; he continued his prayer, worship, and meditation to Lord Bishnu. At this, the king decided to kill him. He gave him Poison, got him bitten by poisonous snakes, threw him from the cliff of hills, got him crushed down by elephants. Each time Prahlad was saved by the grace of Lord Bishnu. Hirannya Kashipu had a sister called ‘Holika’.

She had been given a boon that she would not be burned by fire. To help her brother kill his greatest enemy Prahlad, she proposed that she would sit in the fire, taking Prahlad on her lap. Hirnnya Kashipu got a house made with dried pieces of wood, straw, and bamboos in which Holika sat along with Prahlad, The house was set on fire. To their surprise, Holika was burnt down by the fire and Prahlad was unaffected.

The Ultimate Secret Of celebrating Holi Festival in Nepal

For this reason, the chir is set on fire which is called ‘Holika Dahan’. To rejoice and celebrate the victory of God over the demon, of truth over the evils, the Holika Dahan is performed. In this way, this festival has its own religious background. It signifies that we should burn down all sorts of evil intentions and desire and follow the right path only. Playing with color, singing and dancing together foster socialism in society.

People forget all sorts of worries of life, they give a break to their normal work and enjoy together in the family, neighborhood, and society. As in other festivals, there are some practices in this festival which are harmful. Nowadays, people mix chemicals in color, some mix the color with oil, grease, and mobile and put on other’s faces.  This is very harmful to the skin.

At the same time, putting color on those people going to work in offices, factories, etc. are also not desirable. Girls are affected the most when boys surround them and hit them with water balloons. We should not put colors forcibly to those who do not want to play. We should celebrate it to enjoy and not to harm others.

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