Write Sweet Love Letters for Girlfriend 2019
Do You know how I always ask you to stop looking at me that way? Well, it’s because I truly cannot handle it. You pierce my heart by looking into my eyes. Your eyes…I love your eyes. They aren’t dark brown.

Love Letters for Girlfriend

They are like the color of caramel, but they glisten like it. They are kind of beautiful you know. They weaken me. They pierce my soul and my heart. They remind me of how I actually don’t have my heart at all.

My heart! You have it. You own it. It’s yours. I don’t want it back. I trust you to take care of it. You’d take much better care of it than I ever could. I always wanted to love like that. A love where you feel as if the other is much more careful, wiser and caring than you could ever be. So, you don’t have to take the heavy burden of taking care of your own self.

It is so difficult to take care of your own self. I tried to but I couldn’t. I had to find myself first though. And I didn’t for a long time. I realize now though..you find yourself in whom you love.

Love Letters Ideas

And once you find yourself, you submit to love. You submit to your heart and the person who weakens it. It’s complicated but it’s the way I am. Do you know you make me feel beautiful? You do. And you make me feel worth it. Do you know why? Because you are just so…I don’t know. I admire you. I couldn’t say this enough.

I trust you. I trust you to have fallen in love with me because maybe there is something good in me. God sent you to me for a reason. I hope he makes you stay forever. I’d feel as he despised me if you were taken away from me.

I’m so happy. It’s scary. It’s overwhelming. It’s also terrifying. I am terrifyingly happy, to say the least. For a while I kept running ahead with you, occasionally gazing above my shoulder to check if there was my bad luck coming my way. I still occasionally check if there was any bad luck coming my way. I still occasionally check now too, but only to see how big or small it is… So I know exactly how to get rid of it. I’d defeat anything if I know you are there.

Happy Valentines Day 20… Love! You are life!

Love Letters for Girlfriend

Send this beautiful Happy Valentines Day 20… Love Letter for her to your girlfriend and tell her that you will love her forever.

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