Ignoring A Scorpio Man Can Be Disaster – Why Is This

Ignoring A Scorpio Man : Why Does A Scorpio Man Ignore you?

Individuals who are Scorpios are born from 23rd October to 21st November. They have some distinct qualities that correspond with their sign. A Scorpio man is a great decision-maker who will pursue their interests and dreams relentlessly. So, if a Scorpio man is ignoring you, it can be a daunting task finding the reasons behind this or influencing his decision given Scorpio men are incredibly assertive with their decisions and choices.

But all isn’t lost. Their guiding element (water) means Scorpio men are guided by their emotions. They may be stubborn and reserved, but that doesn’t mean they are passive. There are common traits of Scorpio men that can let you know why he is ignoring you, but let’s first understand the man from his “core”.

Ignoring a Scorpio Man can Be Disaster

What Happens When You Ignore a Scorpio Man?

Scorpio men love ignoring but hate being ignored. When ignoring a Scorpio man, he’ll probably show up. However, this applies to trivial situations i.e., after typical arguments that don’t destroy the fundamentals of your relationship. Remember, Scorpio men are sensitive but act like they are not. You can disarm him by apologizing and giving him space. This is a very unusual response. However, don’t apologize just to get him back. Scorpio men can be very manipulative and will tend to change tact if their tactics doesn’t work.

In a nutshell, don’t play his games. The relationship must have the right foundation first! It also needs to be fulfilling for you. Compatibility signs shouldn’t be used as an excuse to stay in an abusive relationship. Focus on understanding the Scorpio man first, building trust and you won’t have a problem knowing why he is distant even if he doesn’t say anything. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll know how to act when he is distant including when to play his games and when to leave for good.

Understanding the Scorpio man: What are the qualities of a Scorpio man?

Scorpio men tend to be mysterious, charismatic, and magnetic, all at the same time. They are secretive in their interactions and will hardly reveal a lot about themselves. They tend to be extremely devoted to relationships they treasure but are capable of holding grudges, given their intensely emotional and sensitive nature.

While a Scorpio man is thoughtful to his partner, he can be stubborn and will have a hard time compromising. However, he will fight for a relationship he believes is worth saving. Because of his unique set of qualities coupled with passion, you probably won’t forget a relationship with a Scorpio man, so let’s get to the reason why you are here.

8 Reasons Why Does a Scorpio Man Ignore You?

Why Does a Scorpio Man Ignore You

Some of the possible reasons why your Scorpio man ignores you are:

  1. He isn’t sure about you

Since Scorpio men don’t open up as much as their partners, they tend to use distance as a way of communicating how they feel. Scorpio people tend to be assertive about life. When he can’t make up his mind about you, he may use distance to make a decision. Mixed emotions confuse assertive men. When coupled with a mysterious and deeply secretive character, distance is usually the only way out.

  1. He is heartbroken

If a Scorpio man is hurt or embarrassed, he will choose to withdraw to heal as opposed to being confrontational. His character doesn’t allow heated arguments. Instead, he will ignore you and those around him, taking as much time as needed to heal before he can consider being involved emotionally with somebody else. The best remedy is to give him time to come around. If he does, he has healed and is ready to move on.

While the character of a Scorpio man may suggest he doesn’t get hurt a lot, even an offhand comment can be taken too personally. If he feels embarrassed, he will withdraw. Silence is his main coping mechanism, and he’s most likely to be irritated by immediate efforts to resolve issues. When pushed, he will lash out or go away without giving an explanation. It’s usually up to you to find out the cause of his behavior or wait everything out.

  1. He is angry

Scorpio men treat anger and heartbreak the same way. Don’t expect him to say something when you upset him. He may lash out something but stay away from you. A Scorpio man will avoid arguments and fights at all costs. He will value silence and a positive-reinforced environment over being misunderstood. Withdrawing is his way of telling you he is upset. It’s also a way of punishing you for something you did. This can be viewed as manipulative behavior, but it is bound to happen when you “piss off” a Scorpio man.

  1. He has a lot of his mind

Sometimes he may be genuinely engaged in other things. For instance, work engagements may make him appear distant. However, don’t forget some of the qualities of a Scorpio man, such as being obsessive about his dreams and goals. What’s more, given his secretive nature, he may prefer to cope with challenges on his own, spending more of his time and effort in the process than most people. However, he’ll probably have hinted on his engagements.

  1. He’s in a “fix”

If he’s not busy, he could be in trouble. As mentioned above, Scorpios generally keep to themselves. Their secretive nature makes it hard for them to share much, including their troubles. If he is going through some problems, he may do many things, including ignoring you unintentionally. His passion for solving things and pursuing goals can make him distant when things don’t work out as they should. He’ll probably come around when he manages to get back on track. Most Scorpios will eventually find their way thanks to their resilience. When he does, he’ll come around and probably explain himself. But don’t expect a detailed answer. He’ll probably mention it in general.

  1. He’s being a Scorpio man

Withdrawing is part of the DNA of a Scorpio man. His nature makes him enjoy alone time as he focuses on his passion. He may be withdrawing innocently because he thinks the relationship is strong enough to withstand the sacrifice required to pursue dreams. To him, withdrawing can even mean a stronger relationship. Scorpio men are good listeners but don’t find value in being talkative on a daily basis. It may be misunderstood as passive. However, he isn’t taking you for granted. He is just being himself and won’t probably change his nature.

  1. He is done with you

Periodic silence is understandable in some cases i.e., when someone is angry about something or working on a goal, job, or project. However, in any relationship, there must be a reasonable degree of communication. If he goes silent for too long, he’s probably done. A Scorpio man hates confrontations and arguments and will probably do what’s in their nature (disappear) instead of explaining why he doesn’t want to be with you.

This doesn’t mean he won’t forgive or listen to a valid explanation. However, if you trigger a deal-breaker, he’ll probably disappear without a trace. Seeking closure with a Scorpio man is difficult because he will do everything in his power to avoid a confrontation. If he stops communicating completely, he has probably decided to move on.

  1. He doesn’t care about you anymore

Once a Scorpio man starts to lose interest in you, he tends to start ignoring you from then on. Scorpio men are very emotional, trustworthy and passionate but once a Scorpio man gives up on you, he tends to start ignoring you without trying to hide it.

What to Do When a Scorpio Man Ignores You?

What to Do When a Scorpio Man Ignores You

  1. Communicate!

Given the unique character of a Scorpio man, conventional relationship advice centered on long conversations won’t work. While it may seem pointless to communicate with someone who doesn’t say much, Scorpio men are great listeners. If he is a perfect match for you, he will listen and care that you are upset and take some action that may not be obvious at the moment.

  1. Check your sign-by-sign compatibility

In some cases, communication won’t work if you aren’t compatible in the first place. Depending on your sign, you may/may not be compatible to a Scorpio man. There are areas of tension that may make it hard for you to be with a Scorpio man. For instance, if you hate compromising, brace yourself from friction.

Signs like Cancer, which are characterized by attachment and co-dependence, may not be compatible with Scorpio, given their secretive and independent nature. What’s more, an Aries who tends to be angry and confrontational may have the most challenging time dealing with an individual who runs away from confrontations. However, your sign-by-sign compatibility doesn’t mean you give up on your relationship without a valid reason.

When a guy ignores you what should you do?

  1. Don’t put up with games

Scorpio men tend to love mind games. They love learning as much about other people without saying much about themselves. What’s more, their tendency to withdraw when angry, heartbroken, or pursuing their goals makes them impossible to deal with if you aren’t patient. You need to invest a lot of time to understand their non-verbal communication, yet communication is key in most relationships. As a result, it’s understandable why most people who date Scorpio men feel they are being taken for a ride.

When you can’t tell why he is distant, it may be better to walk away. He should show a reasonable degree of commitment to the relationship. What’s more, if you know each other well, you can put up with the non-verbal communication. However, if he makes you feel unsure, don’t play his mind games and make it known.

  1. Focus on earning his trust

Most of Scorpio’s negative traits come from their fear of betrayal, rejection, or abandonment. They must feel secure before they open up more. Their fears can be erased by trust. Earn their trust, and you will enjoy their best qualities.

  1. Give him time

Time heals every wound! Instead of being aggressive and confrontational, be gentle and clear with your expectations and then give it time. Unresponsiveness and vague answers can be countered by time and assertive communication.

How To Make A Scorpio Man To Miss You?

If you have been in a situation where your Scorpio man doesn’t seem to miss you would want him to and takes your love and affection for granted, you have to take proactive steps to make him miss you whenever you aren’t with him. Here are a few steps you can take to make your Scorpio man miss you:

  1. Stop all forms of communication

Yes, the first step to make a Scorpio man miss you is to stop all forms of communication with him or at least limit your contact with him. The trick here is to make him understand you can live without him. This will get him up on his toes and make him put in more effort to stay in touch with you.

A Scorpio man always wants attention and when he notices that you don’t give him that attention, curiosity will creep in and he will naturally miss you and call you urgently. Keep in mind that you should opt for a balanced approach. If you block him or stop responding to him for a longer period of time, the consequences might be bad for you. So, make sure you stay slightly in touch with him but reduce the frequency of your communication with him.

  1. Limit social media activities

Okay, now you are slightly ignoring him and this causes your Scorpio Man to miss you. Scorpio men are good at chasing, especially when they miss someone they love badly. There are chances that he will watch out your social media activities, he will try to know where you are whenever he misses you.

Social media is the best way to know who you are with. what you are doing or where you will be at any given time. If you limit your social media activities, this might be good for you because it won’t be easy for him to keep track of your whereabouts. So, by limiting your social media activities and making it hard for him to know what you have been up to. Tremendous changes will occur in your Scorpio man and that will make him miss you more.

  1. End conversations

By now, he must be missing you badly and would want things to get back to how they used to be by starting conversations with you. You should have limits to the conversations and end your conversations in a sudden way. The aim is to make your Scorpio man miss you by ending conversations when he still has a lot to say to you.

Since the goal is to make your Scorpio man miss you at all costs. Make sure you leave him with some things unsaid whenever he calls or chats you up. If you meet at a restaurant, be the first to leave and leave him wishing you would stay a bit longer with him. Do this for a few days or weeks and you will have him trying to get your attention all over again. which is a good sign he misses you more than anything in the world.

  1. Create a signature scent

You must find a smooth, pleasant scent when you meet him or when you are near him. So, whenever you are not present with your Scorpio man, he will miss that particular fragrance and will miss you, unconsciously. Simply ensure you wear the same perfume whenever you have a meeting with him or whenever you know you will most likely run into him. Anywhere and anytime he perceives that fragrance, the thought of you will jump into his head at once.

  1. Become spontaneous and unpredictable

A surprising nature can make anyone think about you all the time, especially a Scorpio man. You should become a mysterious person to your Scorpio man. Imagine if you are an open book and everyone knows who you are and can predict your next move, they might not take any interest in you.

So, when you meet your Scorpio man, don’t tell him everything about yourself on the first date or even in the starting days of the relationship. Take some information from him and give less information about you. After some time, reveal your interesting things about yourself. Let him discover your characteristics one at a time.
Tell him an interesting fact about yourself whenever you are together. By doing this, he may be curious to know more about you and be able to predict your next move sometimes. This will make him miss you and long to spend more time with you.

Signs A Scorpio Man Is Not Interested Anymore

A Scorpio man doesn’t know how to hide his feelings once he loses interest in his relationship with you.

  1. He starts ignoring you for no reason

One make sign he has lost interest in you is if he starts ignoring you for no reason.

  1. He will not share how he is feeling with you and may seem distant

Keeping to himself and concealing information about him and whatever he is battling with is a major sign he displays when he loses interest in you.

  1. He will get irritated, even if you’re just in the same room

Your presence will seem to get him irritated as he will begin to snap at you for no just cause.

  1. He will avoid making any kind of physical contact with you, not even holding hands

Once your Scorpio man loses interest in you, he will avoid making any form of physical contact with you.

  1. He starts picking up fights with you at every small provocation

Picking up fights with you becomes a regular occurrence once your Scorpio man loses interest in you.

How To Know If A Scorpio Man Likes You

  1. He will start to watch you intently

One of the most common signs that tell you when a Scorpio man likes you is when he looks at you intently without trying to his interests.

  1. He wants to know your secrets

A Scorpio man who is interested in you will want to get as much information about your interests and major secrets as possible. If he asks too many questions about you, it shows he likes you a lot.

  1. He will let you know his secrets

A Scorpio man who likes you will easily let you in on his major life secrets. This is one major sign he likes you and wants something serious with you.

CONCLUSION: Ignoring a Scorpio Man

Just remember, if you had an argument with your Scorpio guy and he chooses to be on his own after the argument, it’s necessary you give him space. And allow him to put all the pieces together in his mind, calm down, and figure out what he wants to do next.

Give him a break but don’t let the break prolong more than necessary or he might leave you for another. But one thing you should never do is ignore him completely.

Ignoring your Scorpio guy is never a good idea as he is most likely to take a cue from you and ignore you till all eternity. Inasmuch as Scorpio men are loyal to a fault, one thing they don’t like to stomach is being ignored. From the points outlined in this post, you now know what to expect from a Scorpio man.

When he loves you, signs that tell you when he has lost interest in you. And what to do when you want him to miss you and come back to you. When you practice these things you will enjoy an unending relationship with your Scorpio man and avoid the very things they detest in a relationship.


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