Mata Tirtha Aunsi: Nepali Mothers Day in Nepal

In Nepal, as per tradition, to show deep respect and gratitude to the mother, every year on Aunsi of Baishakh ‘Mata Tirtha Aunsi or Aamako Mukh Herne din’ is celebrated by Nepali Society. Nepali Mother’s Day showing respect to mother only once in a year is not enough. so, Amako mukh herne din memorize us to give deep respect, love and care to mother for the rest of the life.

Mata Tirtha Aunsi: Mothers Day in Nepal

When is Mother’s Day in Nepal [2078]?

Nepali Mothers Day Date 2078

On Baisakh 11, 2078 is the day to celebrate Mothers day in Nepal and BC date: April 23, 2020.

Reasons Behinds to Celebrate Mother’s Day

In this world of competition, we can get anything like money, power and position twice but the only thing we cannot get twice is our mother. Before knowing about God and taking steps into this world, we are in the womb of mother.

Mother grows us there about nine months and give birth to us. After birth, she took care of us in every single step of life. She dedicated her whole life for the sake of her children. Like mother, children also have deep love to their mother. When they grown mature, they feel responsible towards their mother and took care of her.

In Hindu religion, people believe that mother should be treated like God and she should be worship high above God. This belief inspires the activities perform by children to their mother and make the relation between mother and children always stronger.

In Hindu Granthas, there are numerous incidence on which mother are given deep respect and love. One of the best event is of Lord Ganesh. On one event, he sacrifices his life to fulfill the wish of his mother Goddess Parvati.

Mother Goddess Parvati was so depressed with the death for her beloved son but finally God manages to bring back the life of Lord Ganesh with elephant head.

On another event of competition with his brother Lord Kumar, he even quoted that “My parents are my world.” This incident shows us how deep is the relation between the mother and the children. This incident also teaches us to show gratitude, respect and love to our mother above any worldly things.

Nepali Mothers Day

Meaning of Mata Tirtha Aunsi – RITUALS PERFORMED

Mata Tirtha Aunsi’ is composed of two words ‘Mata’ means mother and ‘Tirtha’ means going to sacred place. So, basically on this day, children along with their mother visit to the sacred place and children tries everything to fulfill the wish of the mother. In Nepal, people visit ‘Mata Tirtha Kunda’ at Thankot on this day. People who have their mother alive; go to this place with their mother and for people who don’t have their mother also visit this place with the belief that it would keep the departed soul of mother in heaven in peace.

The story of a cowman is the reason behind people visiting this sacred place. A cowman who lives at ‘Mata Tirtha’ lost his mother. So, to keep his mother’s departed soul in peace he makes offerings to the nearby pond in that place which is later known as ‘Mata Tirtha Kunda’. On surprise, he saw the face of his mother in that pond and receive his offerings. So, while visiting that sacred place, mother take bath on that pond and eat the delicious food prepared by their children. For people who don’t have their mother perform rituals known as ‘Shraddha’ on this place for the sake of mother’s departed soul.

Along with above rituals, nowadays, people also love to perform charity to the various ashram where old age mothers who cannot help themselves are resided. People offers food, clothes, money to the mothers of various ashram.

There are many individuals who help these old aged mothers lying on streets and pati-pauwa and provide them residence in the ashram. They are actively doing this without any selfishness. We should salute this role models and should support them.

How do Celebrate Mata Tirtha Aunsi?

On this day, people from long distance come to visit their mother. They offer clothes, jewelry, delicious food to their mother and keep her happy. Mother and children talk and share about their life-moments and success story. Mother love to share her experience and her children politely listen to her and take lesson from her experience. This all creates the warm, charming, emotional and memorable environment in the family.

Daughter and son goes to market buy the sweets and fruits for their mother. They feed these fruits and sweets to their mother with their own hand. Daughter and Son try best to make his/her mother happy. A mother smiles with the deeds of her child, take her on lap and give him/her warm kisses. This moment is quite emotional.

So, as a whole ‘Mata Tirtha Aunsi’ is the day dedicated to mother to show deep respect, love and gratitude to her for what she did in her whole life to us. This day inspires every child to do hard work to fulfill the wish and desires of mother till their last drop of blood. This day depict how deep is the relation of children with their mother. Mother love to her child and child love to his mother cannot be enough if explained in thousands, millions or trillions words.

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