Why are Aries Attracted to Scorpios: Love, Sax, Life Compatibility

Why are Aries Attracted to Scorpios? Qualities of Aries man that would be attractive for Scorpio women are self-confidence, aggressiveness, as well as durable will power. Scorpio woman is deeply passionate, and the fierce spirits of Aries man will effectively match it.

Yet the fundamental personal differences will always be there making the love match difficult. Since each of the two will like to have their way without submitting to the other, it could bring up conflicts and clashes. But the mysterious ways of Scorpio woman will always charm Aries man and the woman on the turn will love the attention extended by her man. Why are Aries Attracted to Scorpios

Why Aries and Scorpio Attract Each Other

Both Aries woman and Scorpio man will feel an instant attraction for each other but making it a lasting relationship would be a different proposition altogether. As Aries woman will like to keep things in her control, her attitude may not be acceptable to Scorpio man. Especially when she admires other men, it will create jealousy in Scorpio man, and it could affect the relationship adversely.

Aries woman will love the intense as well as mystifying traits of the Scorpio man, and she will never be bored with him. Scorpio man on his part will love the ferocious and vivacious qualities in the Aries woman.

Differences cropping up may create problems for the relationship. Aries woman always loves to be in control of the things that may not be acceptable to Scorpio who will resent interference with his independence. Yet they make an unusual combination with Aries providing enthusiasm and Scorpio providing commitment in the relationship. Aries will express love directly while Scorpio will be circuitous. And Aries is impulsive, and Scorpio is steady.

Aries and Scorpio Crazy Love Affair

A combination of an Aries woman with a Scorpio man could be a tricky one. Both will get instantly attached, but the heat will start cooling down after some time. Aries woman loves the mysteriousness, as well as the great traits in Scorpio man and him on the turn, will love the liveliness of Aries woman. Both will remain on the move until the enthusiasm lives, and they will never get wary of each other.

Aries Scorpio Love Affairs

Scorpio woman and Aries Man make great saxual partners, but emotional problems could crop up with the possessiveness of Scorpio for Aries. On his turn Aries, a free bird, won’t relish bondage. This could give rise to jealousy and anger in Scorpio, resulting in clashes.

As Aries is upfront and a real extrovert in sharp contrast to the introvert, emotional, and manipulative nature of Scorpio, there could always be the difference. But their mutual love for risk and danger can overcome this drawback, making a good match with a little respect for each other.

Love and saxual relationship are very fulfilling for both, and he feels her with the sense of eternal love so dear to her. Passion and spiritual closeness are the ultimate results of the Aries Scorpio relationship.

Aries Scorpio Understand Eachother

Why are Aries Attracted to Scorpios? Usually, Aries man and Scorpio woman make a great couple full of passion and aggression. Both have durable will power as well as self-confidence that will quickly draw them nearer. She would be more passionate, but he would be an aggressive partner.

Aries man loves traveling and is very fond of adventure and rapid action that makes him highly appealing for the Scorpio woman. Yet the lust for power inherent to both zodiac signs might make things a bit difficult for each. Neither of them would be ready to give in to the other. For a perfectly harmonious relationship, it is necessary that the partners learn the art of sacrifice and understanding each other.

To be successful in love and relationship, these two have to respect each other and at times have to give in; of course; in turn.

The relation between Aries and Scorpio

Aries and Scorpio Relationship

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Aries and Scorpio, Passion would be in the air when vibrant, and impulsive Aries meets highly individualistic Scorpio.

Both like to lead direct life, and both will fight against injustice, tooth, and nail. The emotional requirements of the two zodiac signs are different from each other. Scorpio seeks security in the relationship while Aries may not relish too much proximity.

Aries will get angry quickly, fight bitterly, and forget and forgive. That is just not the cup of tea for Scorpio who will neither forget nor forgive.

Scorpio keeps in mind every bitter thing about everyone, and that could be a setback to the relationship. They make a good team together. This is a positive aspect of a relationship. They never suspect the secretiveness of the former.

When Aries and Scorpio meet each other, it is the union of cardinal fire with fixed water. However, there is a wildly saxy trait in the relationships though the passion might fizzle when the real work starts.

High libidos both, will bring out rough urgencies in the bedroom scenario. But with the struggle for dominance; there could be rifts very soon.

Like the pair of romantic thrillers where the couple rarely lives happily together, Scorpio and Aries can come together and fall apart. Yet there could be something that keeps them hooked in as each one of them will find the other exciting and it will not allow the flames of Scorpio Aries Relationship to extinguish completely.


Aries could be a natural leader in love, but Scorpio does not like bossy behavior. The extrovert nature of Aries may not match well with the introvert nature of Scorpio. Aries may find the Scorpio partner too secretive while Scorpio may start resenting the prying life of Aries.

Aries woman is defensive in behavior and could be a bit confused as she will respond with fiery rage, not knowing how to extinguish it. But she will understand any attempt at manipulation easily with her quick mind.

When committed, she is extremely loyal to Scorpio man. With purity and strong courage, she makes an immediate impression on him, but the man should be careful to keep her excitement living to keep the relationship afloat.

Aries has a highly flirty nature, and it could ignite the inherent jealousy in Scorpio. Since Scorpio is not the one to let it go, the retaliations could be singular. Aries loves to battle and may escalate the situation to the point of no return very quickly.

The Scorpio man loves personality. Both signs love power, and if they can learn to work together rather than against each other, they can achieve anything they want. Arians are exciting bedmates that are happy to take the lead and are generally always ready for more. Why are Aries Attracted to Scorpios?


Why are Aries Attracted to Scorpios? Scorpio man is a blend of passion, intellect as well as magnetic attractions with a sharp, critical and cautious mind. At the same time, he is a symbol of power and stability. He will give Aries woman all care and passion in love and is very tolerant, allowing Aries woman freedom to enjoy her individuality.

Despite being a shielding lover, Scorpio man is revengeful. In the long run, Scorpio can get suspicious about the loyalty of Aries, and at times the doubts won’t be without basis.

Immediately it needs to be said that the Scorpio man is a loving being. But his passion is not natural. Woe to her who falls into his trap without knowing what she is exposing to, i.e., subtle games between executioner and victim.

Why are Aries Attracted to Scorpios?

Qualities of Scorpio

Qualities of Scorpio man that would be attractive for Aries women

  • The Scorpio man likes the tears of the woman he loves.
  • He wants “the power of life or death” he has on her, this art of plunging her into depths of despair or bringing her to peaks of love excitement.
  • His relationships are often successive conflicts, disputes, joys, and screams of hatred or passion. The Scorpio man loves roller coasters!
  • It is not always easy for women to know the exact nature of his feelings. The Scorpio man exerts its charm with a powerful force of seduction.
  • Real love plays a significant role in his sentimental behavior.
  • His instincts can willingly guide him, and soon the love feelings – even passion – born inside his heart.
  • The sensitivity of the Scorpio man can also make him suffer lead him to love disappointments.
  • But once his choice is made, provided that he dominates himself, it will be beneficial to share his life.
  • The Scorpio man can fall in love several times in his life.
  • His temperament does not always inspire him to restrain his natural impulses.
  • His married life may suffer from this personality trait, especially if he marries young.
  • The Scorpio man has a sense of family and wants to have a progeny, although a small one. He enjoys family meetings, and the family vacations are not to displease him.
  • The role of family leader – or even clan chief – fits very well with his personality. But it is preferable that his children are not too stubborn and unruly or might react violently, be it verbally or physically.


Gifted with a sense of secrecy pushed to the extreme, your Scorpio man never shows off his true nature, not even to you. This attitude is common to the Scorpio natives of all ages. Your Scorpio lover thinks that mystery is the best way to keep alive your interest and desire.

Moreover, because of his fear of being abandoned and losing the couple’s control, he carefully refuses to recognize how he is attached to you. The Scorpio man thinks he exercises absolute power on his partner.

According to him, relations between human beings are based on strength, and he’s ready to do anything to remain the one who dominates the other.

You would be wrong, however, to play this game with him. He’s winning all the time, and if exceptionally he loses, be sure that he may never forgive you for contesting his authority! Let him play this cat and mouse game alone and try to find underhanded schemes to make him approve your points of view.

When in love with a Scorpio man, bet all on authenticity. He will realize that you profoundly love him, and then you will make him trust you.

This attitude is particularly important during periods when the Scorpio man gets a compelling need to live in harmony with you, far from emotional complications.

Aries Scorpio compatibility

The ‘obsessive’ is the exact word that determines and describes the relationship between an Aries and a Scorpio. Both of them are lovers of influence, and they can do just anything that they want. They can do anything till the actual time they give an equal amount of attention.

Aries Scorpio Compatibility

However, both couples can work in the best combination if they mainly capitalize on mate’s positive and optimistic points. The Scorpions are mostly great planners.

They usually help the Aries and educate how to plan battles before taking part in them correctly. However, on the other hand, the Aries teaches Scorpio that how to move when the efforts are dissatisfied.

Both partners face some problems regarding emotions. The Aries and the Scorpio are tremendous and perfect saxually. The Scorpions are generally possessive, but Aries loves to live like the free bird, which makes the starter issues.

The Aries would not be enslaved. The Aries and Scorpio also have the personality and character or jealousy and also have a powerful influence. Generally, they mostly face difficulty in understanding each other. The Aries is the right gregarious people who are entirely up-front and open.

However, the Scorpio is a shy person, emotional and scheming. Regardless of this, both partners love to take risks and dangers, which makes their life exciting and motivating.

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Aries Man & Scorpio Woman

The Aries man and Scorpio Woman would be the best and secure couples regarding violence and fervor. The things that draw and attract them towards each other will power and self-confidence as well.

Even, the Scorpio woman should be zealous among them both, and the man of Aries would be somehow aggressive. Aries loves to travel and make a journey. They are also fond of adventure, and exciting activities, which will make him very tempting for the Scorpio woman the yearn for the power.

It makes their real-life little bit difficult for the couple as neither of them would usually be ready to give in for the other partner. However, respect and sacrifice mostly make them act impressively. So, honor and sacrifice are both of the good things among the relation of Aries man and Scorpio Woman. Why are Aries Attracted to Scorpios

Scorpio Man & Aries Woman

The ideal combination between the Aries woman and Scorpio man should be somehow challenging to handle. However, both of the partners immediately attracted to each other.

The magnetism power between them may be weary after some of the periods. The Aries woman mainly loves the mysteriousness and powerfulness which indulge the Scorpio man while he will mostly enjoy the ferocity and vigor of Aries woman.

The eagerness will keep both partner couples always on the move, and they will also never get bored or sick with each other. However, some significant differences may become the reason for the creation of troubles in their relationship.

The Aries mostly love to be the organizer of everything, and this thing is mainly not well received and accepted by the Scorpio man. Mostly, Aries women are flirtatious by nature, which makes him more jealous primarily. Why are Aries Attracted to Scorpios?

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